What is Signal VoC? 

Signal VoC (“Voice of Customer”) is a community that highlights CX leaders across Customer Success, Customer Support, and Customer Experience functions, who are embracing innovative approaches to Voice of Customer. Our mission is to drive a focused conversation about next-generation VoC, what it looks like and how to get there, so that we can all write the 101 book on VoC together.

We provide a curated learning environment and a platform for CX leaders to highlight their experience, celebrate their success, expand their networks, and learn from each other, the foremost source of education and inspiration in VoC.


How do I get involved?

Get on the list here, so you don't miss any upcoming events. If you have a great idea for content, whether that's an interview, a session, or a blog post, or want to nominate someone, we'd love to hear from you!


Do I need to have experience with Voice of Customer initiatives to join breakout discussions? 

Absolutely not - VoC is a fast-evolving discipline, can mean something different from company to company, and there’s no 101 book. Many CX leaders are in the early stages of rolling out VoC initiatives, and senior CX leaders that have had VoC initiatives in place for years still wrestle with tons of open questions. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our goal is to bring together a mix of perspectives and experiences to set you up for success. 


What is Signal VoC’s relationship to Frame AI?

Signal VoC is sponsored by Frame AI. At Frame AI, we distinguish three roles we wish to play with the community:

  • Sponsor - We’ve benefited enormously from communities such as Pulse, Support Driven, and CX Life, that focus on various aspects of modern CX. We’d like to pay that forward by creating a space focused on Voice of Customer that can enable the next generation of best practices in that area.
  • Curator - Good communities involve thoughtful structures: events, codes-of-conduct, and selection processes to ensure a high-quality conversation. We’ll be bringing our view of what constitutes VoC to that process, but also soliciting other community leaders to participate in defining this space.
  • Participant - We certainly have our own opinions about Voice of Customer strategies, and created a product to help teams implement it! We’ll be bringing our learnings in creating Frame AI to the conversation alongside other peers.
    Our pledge to the community is to be clear about our responsibilities in these three separate capacities in order to create an environment that is as community-driven as possible. Dedicated conversation and awareness about how to do VoC the right way will benefit us all.